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The pictures on this site are a special offer to journalists and can be used free in press. We would be delighted if you send us a copy of your publication using our material. In any other case all rights on images and graphics on this photo service site are all subject to Copyright and other intellectual property protection. These objects may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may these objects be modified or reposted to other sites. Please contact us for permission.

1. Logos

137 KB
[1] Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH


2. Production facilities Lichtenstein and Altenburg, Germany

Size: 960 KB
[2] Engine Assembly

Size: 896 KB
[2] Engine Assembly

Size: 268 KB
[2] Plant Altenburg

Size: 838 KB
[2] Corporate: Production

Size: 629 KB
[2] Corporate: Dynamometer

Size: 624 KB
[2] Corporate: Plant Lichtenstein

3. Engine Components

Size: 661 KB
[3] Crankshafts, Aviation

Size: 767 KB
[3] Aviation Displays

Size: 673 KB
[3] Engine Control Units

Size: 658 KB
[3] Camshafts, Automotive

Size: 669 KB
[3] Camshafts, Aviation

Size: 681 KB
[3] Connection Rods, Aviation

Size: 596 KB
[3] Range

Size: 646 KB
[3] Crankshafts, Automotive


4. Installation in different aircraft models

Size: 622 KB
[4] Diamond DA42

Size: 375 KB
[4] Diamond DA42

Size: 698 KB
[4] Diamond DA40

Size: 853 KB
[4] Robin 135




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