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In the following table we have listed the machinery which we use for your order. Maximum blank dimensions for camshafts and crankshafts are ø200 x 750mm, for other shafts ø500 x 1500 mm and for cubical parts 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm. The described machines are not for sale.


Production Sequence Available Machines Special Features

Mill-Turning 2 x WFL Millturn M60 5-axis turning-milling-drilling center, circular milling on inclined surfaces, mill-turning of crankpins, b-axis milling, gun drilling at -110°/+90°, gear cutting, milling of cam contours

  WFL Millturn M40 5-axis, mill-turning of crankpins and counterweights, broaching of internal splines and keyways, gear hobbing, center distance 1,000 x 2,000 x 3,000 mm

  Gildemeister TWIN 42 Dual spindle turning center with 12-station turrets, simultaneous dual axis machining on both spindles, driven tools and C-axis on both spindles, Y-axis in upper carriage, tail stock on counter spindle, Siemens 840D powerline, DMG programmer 3D turning

Production Available Machines Special Features

Milling Deckel Maho DMU 125 P hi-dyn 5-axis controlled, HeidenhainTNC 430, 18,000 1/min working area: 1,250 x 880 x 800 mm

  2x Deckel Maho DMU 100 T 5-axis CNC with rotary swivel table, 1,080 x 710 x 710 mm

  Deckel Maho DMC 63 V 4-axis CNC with Heidenhain TNC 426 control, 630 x 500 x 500 mm

  Deckel Maho DMC 60 U 5-axis CNC with continuous-path control, 600 x 700 x 600 mm

  Deckel Maho DMU 60 P 5-axis CNC with Heidenhain TNC 430 control, 18,000 1/min, 600 x 700 x 550 mm

  Deckel Maho DMU 50 T 3-axis CNC with rotary swivel table, 500 x 400 x 400 mm

  DMC60H vertical chain magazine with fast double gripper, short ship-to-ship-times of 2.0 seconds, highly dynamic linear drives, acceleration up to 1,6 g and rapid traverse of 100 m/min, high-precision NC rotary table, ideal for machining from aluminium up to steel

  DMC80U universal machining center with automatic swivel head for 5-side-machining ranging middle, large and heavy workpieces, chain magazine and fast rotary pallet changer for setup parallel to production time, high-precision NC rotary table, CollisionMonitoring in real-time (Heidenhain iTNC 530)

Production Sequence Available Machines Special Features

Turning 2 x CTV 250 linear Linear drive in the X-axis with 1 g acceleration, high rapid traverse speeds (up to 100 m/min in the X-axis, 45 m/min in the Z-axis), integrated spindle drive with synchronous technology, Workpiece turnaround station for automated complete machining, DMG programmer 3D turning

  Gildemeister CTX 520 linear CNC-center for drilling and milling operations, advanced milling and drilling until 1,300 mm in length, 680 mm max. rotation diameter, linear drive in the x-axis with up to 1.5 g acceleration, Siemens 840 D powerline with ShopTurn

  2 x Gildemeister CTX 500 S2 4-axis CNC-manufacturing, maximum turning diameter 440 mm, the maximum turning length is 1,000 mm, 60° slanted bed with milled guideways, linear measuring system for x-axis. movable tail stock Fanuc 18i control.

  Gildemeister CTX 500 E 4-axis CNC-manufacturing, max. diam.: 640; stroke (x): 320 mm, stroke (z): 1,097 mm

  Gildemeister CTX 400 E 4-axis CNC-treatment, max. dia.: 570 mm, cross (x): 220 mm, between centers (z): 635 mm, chuck dia.: 65, y-axis: 40 mm

  2 x Gildemeister NEF 520 between centers(z): 1,500 mm

Production Sequence Available Machines Special Features

Grinding Junker JUCRANK 5000-50 Grinding machine for pendulum grinding of crankshafts up to 700 mm (27.6") length

  2 x Kellenberger KEL-VARIA VR 175/1000 Universal grinding machine: grinding of contours, profiles and cylinders

  2 x Kellenberger KEL-VISTA UR 175/1000 Internal and external cylindrical grinding

  2 x Jung HF 50 SUBROMATIK Surface grinding, 2-axis digital readout, 500 x 200 mm worksurface

Production Sequence Available Machines Special Features

Quality Assurance ADCOLE 1200H Orbital cam and crankshaft measuring machine, max. length 965 mm

  Zeiss Prismo 7 HTG VAST Measuring with Zeiss VAST technology, scanning of surfaces, measuring cam contours, digitalizing of free-form surfaces

  Zeiss Vista Coordinates (400 x 500 x 350 mm), VAST

  Zeiss Contura Coordinate Measuring Machine 700 x 1,000 x 600 mm VAST

  Zeiss Rondcom 60A roundness measuring machine for measuring and analysis of larger components

  Zeiss Contourreccord 1800D Surface and conture coordinate measuring maschine

  Hommel Tester T8000 flexible, PC-based evaluation unit for all components for measurement of roughness, topography and contours

  2 x Zeiss Handysurf E-30A Surface Tester

  Wirtz-Buehler MICROMET 5101 Microidentation hardness tester

  Wirtz-Buehler DELTA ABRASIMET Manual chop abrasive cutter

  Wirtz-Buehler PHOENIX ALPHA High performance sample preparation system

  2 x Instron Wolpert Testor 971-250 Hardness tester (Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell)

  2 x Tiede Universal 900 WE Magnetic Partical Inspection Bench for detection of longitudinal and transverse defects

  Micromet 2101 Micro Hardness tester, grinding and polishing machine Vickers hardness within a range of 10-1,000 p; PRESI Mecatome T255 liquid cooled cutting machine; Mecapol P 320 grinder with automatic polishing

  Mikroskop Olympus BX 40 Incident light microscope with special contrast procedure light-/dark field magnifications: 50-1000-fold digital microscope camera ¾" CCD with 1 million pixels, 1,600 x 1,200 mm

  Olympus BX 51 Reflected-light microscope, positive/ negative contrast display, blow up: 50-1000-fold microscope camera 3/4" CCD with 1 Mio pixel, 1,600 x 1,200

  Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH & Co.KG Portable spectrometer with spark discharge to perform element analysis in Fe, Al, Cu and Ti.

  Krautkrämer MicroDur II Portable hardness tester (Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell)

  Stotz MSG-64-K/4 Multifunctional control unit, statistical analysis, pneumatic length measurement, programmable display

Production Sequence Available Machines Special Features

Engine Test Centers, Performance Analysis* Schenck Dynas2 220 + D 700 Tandem-Dynamometer – Hydraulic dynamometer in combination with an asynchronous motor up to 920 kW (1,250 hp), continuous RPM 8,000 1/min, for 4-quadrant dynamic testing

  2 x Schenck D 700 2e Two-directional hydraulic dynamometer for up to 700 kW and 2,300 Nm, continuous RPM 10,000 1/min

  2 x Schenck DS 750 2e Two-directional hydraulic dynamometer for up to 750 kW and 1,300 Nm, continuous RPM 15,000 1/min

  Schenck D 900 Test rig, 1,500 hp, 4,450 Nm torque

  PI Research Motorsimulator Hardware in the loop simulator for control strategies on MatLab models

Production Sequence Available Machines Special Features

Other Machines Ixion TLW4-1.200.2 Deepdrilling machine for drilling of rotational-symmetric workpieces. Drilling Ø in steel 4-25 mm; drilling depth: 1,200 mm; main spindle drive 5.5 kW

  Deckel Maho DMU 50 M 3-axis CNC with rotary swivel table and Heidenhain TNC 310 control, 500 x 400 x 400 mm

  2 x Deckel Maho FP1 4-axis manual with Heidenhain digital readout, 400 x 300 x 300 mm

  Sunnen ML-3500 Automatically horizontal-honing machine with integrated gauge and final switching off, diameters 1.5-95 mm, stroke 6.0-170 mm

  Sunnen CRG 780 Surface grinding and grinding of main bearing caps

  Sunnen VR 700 GA Grinding of valve head contour

  2 x Cromartie Kilns CR 220 FB Tempering furnace for neutral heat treatment and hardening of steels and nonferrous heavy metals

  Schenck Rotec RMHC 0279-HT 1 B-TL Horizontal, force measuring balancing machine for small rotors (e.g. turbochargers).

  Schenck Rotec HM 20 BU Horizontal, force measuring machine for rotors up to 100 kgs (e.g. crankshafts or balance shafts)

  Berco ARB 651 Combined Lathe and Grinding Machine for connecting rods

  Berco RAC 1500 Camshaft Grinding with continuos measurement capability

  Berco BT6 Line boring of cylinder heads and blocks

  Serdi 4.0 Easy Machining of valve seat bore holes, valve seats and valve guides

  2 x Serrmac TCS 40 5-axis manual, 600 x 300 x 800 mm

  VDF 23 0 Heidenhain digital readout

  VDF 24 R 0 Lathe Thread cutting of all kinds of threads

  2 x Weiler Primus Siemens digital readout, 750 mm between centres

  Kläger HBA 265 fully automatic mitre-box saw

  Kläger HK 315 Hydraulic cut off saw

  Dunkes HR 100 Straightening press with 1,000 kN max. force

  Dalex Vario Tig 400W TIG welding machine with chamber to weld all light and noble metals

*Every dynamometer is equipped with a computer-controlled ventilation system which has a capacity of up to 60,000 m³/h. A combustion pressure and low pressure indicating system with 24 channels is available. Engine management system, pressure indicating system and data analysis system are connected over a CAN network and allow a deterministic logging of all data.


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