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The information contained in these press releases and statements was accurate, in all material respects, at the time of issuance. However, Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH assumes no obligation to update the information to reflect subsequent developments.

Jul. 24, 2007
Thielert Secures 200th CENTURION Service Center

  - 200th member in the CENTURION service center network
- Improved services – 52 new service centers in 2007
- 500,000 accumulated flying hours clocked up

Lichtenstein/Saxony, July 24, 2007 - Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH, a subsidiary of the listed company Thielert AG, has once again expanded its distribution and service center network. With Aircrafttech, S.L., the world's leading provider of kerosene piston aircraft engines has been able to secure a new distributor for Spain. At the same time, Aircrafttech, S.L. is meanwhile the 200th service center in the global network. The service centers offer repairs and in-service maintenance for CENTURION engines, which are intensively used by their operators. Within only four years the engines have clocked up in excess of 500,000 flying hours.

Upon completing the maintenance course, Aircrafttech, S.L., as the 200th authorized service center, will carry out the maintenance and servicing of CENTURION engines in Spain. Moreover, Aircrafttech will also take on the sales activities for this region. "We aim to constantly improve our services. This includes the continuing expansion of our global service network by further competent business partners," says Jasper M. Wolffson, Head of Sales & Service at Thielert. With the 200th service center, Thielert has reached yet another milestone. All told, Aircraftech is the 22nd distribution partner.

Not only has Thielert increased the numbers of service centers and distribution partners, but the Sales & Service team has grown, too. The team members ensure the smooth handling of all services. The Thielert service includes carrying out regular maintenance seminars for qualifying new service centers, the assistance of new distributors when it comes to the initial installation of retrofit kits and technical support. In addition to the telephone hotline, Thielert offers service centers the option to send engine data and images by email straight to the Thielert support mailbox. If necessary, this makes it possible to conduct a direct engine data analysis and fast troubleshooting.

In order to become a member of the service center network, at least one employee of a fixed base orperator must have attended a three-day seminar pursuant to Part145. Furthermore, it is also necessary to purchase the specialist tool kits required to carry out maintenance and repair on CENTURION engines. After signing the Service Center Agreement, the company is able to call itself an authorized CENTURION service center. Thielert currently has service centers in some 41 countries. Since the beginning of 2007 not less than 52 service centers have been added to the CENTURION service center network.

500,000 accumulated flying hours clocked up

Since the licensing of the CENTURION 1.7 kerosene piston aircraft engine for General Aviation aircraft in 2002, some 1,500 aircraft have been equipped with CENTURION engines, which together have meanwhile clocked up some 500,000 flying hours. In total, some 2,500 engines have been delivered. Especially in daily use in flight schools and clubs, as well as for spectacular flights such as the round-the-world flight, "World Flight for Hearing", last year and numerous trans-Atlantic flights, the CENTURION engines were able to prove their reliability and safety. "From discussions held with flying enthusiasts, I also know that besides the engine's economy and convenience, pilots especially value the high degree of independence that the CENTURION engines give them," says Sven Poga, Sales & Service at Thielert and himself a professional pilot. "Compared to the conventional engines that run on Avgas, which is often no longer available, our aircraft engines run on kerosene that is available on virtually every airfield in the world." This is why CENTURION engines are becoming more and more popular with many pilots.


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