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The information contained in these press releases and statements was accurate, in all material respects, at the time of issuance. However, Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH assumes no obligation to update the information to reflect subsequent developments.

Apr. 08, 2010
CENTURION: Successes With Engine Development and Operating Hours

  Lichtenstein/Saxony, April 8, 2010 – CENTURION has delivered the first clutches designed for extended operation of up to 600 hours to its customers, while the life span of the fuel feed pump has been doubled. Extension of the hours of operation for transmissions and engines will follow in the second quarter. And with immediate effect the 155 HP CENTURION 2.0 S is now available as a retrofit kit for Cessna 172 models. With the development of new markets and expansion of its network of dealers CENTURION Aircraft Engines has become firmly established on the market since the last AERO. Altogether more than 360 engines were delivered in 2009.

Starting in April CENTURION will deliver its new clutches designed for 600 hours of operation to its customers. The new clutches will now be built into all new engines and supplied as replacements with every 600-hour maintenance check. "We anticipate approval for the 600 hours of operation by September," says CENTURION chairman of the board Jasper M. Wolffson. Extension of the hours of operation time for transmissions and the CENTURION 2.0 engine is also on the verge of completion: Thus transmissions designed to operate for at least 600 hours will be available in new engines and as replacements with every 600-hour maintenance check in the second quarter of 2010, while CENTURION 2.0 engines will have a life span of 1,500 hours.

A further improvement involves the hours of operation for the fuel feed pump – its life span has now been doubled to a total of 1,200 hours. In the next step it will be adapted to the extended engine life span of 1,500 hours, so that in the future this part will no longer have to be replaced during the entire life of an engine.

CENTURION has been working incessantly for more than one year on lowering operating costs for its customers by extending the hours of operation for components such as clutches and transmissions as well as the CENTURION 2.0 engine. "Under the direction of Prof. Kappler our development team has carried out outstanding work," notes Wolffson. "And it was particularly important for us to not make any compromises when it came to safety."

With the CENTURION 2.0 S the company launches a further innovation on the market: With immediate effect the 155 HP engine will now be offered as a retrofit kit for the Cessna 172. At identical weight the CENTURION 2.0 S generates 20 HP more than the CENTURION 2.0. "Those who were already excited about the flying performance of a Cessna 172 with the CENTURION 2.0 will certainly be inspired by the CENTURION 2.0 S," assures Wolffson. The Robin Ecoflyer DR400 2.0s will also be equipped with this engine, and the STC is expected soon.

With approvals in Brazil, Eastern Europe and Asia, CENTURION has been able to develop a number of important new markets since AERO 2009. Altogether the CENTURION 2.0 is now certified in a total of 60 countries worldwide. With over 33 dealers and more than 300 service centers CENTURION has a close-meshed sales and service network around the entire globe. "Establishment of the sales company CENTURION proved to be a success on the market and at the same time improved cooperation with both customers and dealers," summed up Wolffson. In 2009 more than 360 engines could be sold, including an order for Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries, the Chinese joint venture partner of Diamond. With the beginning of the year 2010 the more than 2,600 CENTURION engines have completed more than 2 million flying hours in general aviation.


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