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The information contained in these press releases and statements was accurate, in all material respects, at the time of issuance. However, Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH assumes no obligation to update the information to reflect subsequent developments.

Jun. 25, 2010
Upgrade to Centurion 2.0

  Lichtenstein – Centurion Aircraft Engines AG & Co. KG, based in Lichtenstein, Germany, is now offering an upgrade program for its piston aircraft engine Centurion 1.7. Owners of aircraft equipped with this engine can take advantage of a money-back offer for unused flight hours if they choose to upgrade to the next-generation Centurion 2.0 by August 31, 2010. The Centurion 2.0 also delivers 135 hp and its weight is identical to the 1.7. In addition it offers a 50 percent longer lifetime. As with all Centurion engines the maximum engine performance is also equivalent to the maximum continuous output in cruise flight.

After receiving a Supplemental Type Certificate for the installation of Centurion 2.0s engines with 155 hp into the Cessna 172 as scheduled, the company launched its next campaign, an upgrade program for pilots with Centurion 1.7 engines. All types of aircraft with Centurion 1.7 engines can be equipped with the Centurion 2.0 engine. This applies to Cessna 172, Piper PA28, Robin DR400 as well as Diamond DA40 and DA42 aircraft. As the Centurion 2.0 delivers 135 hp and has the same weight and size dimensions it is approved with the same Supplemental Type Certificates as the Centurion 1.7. In particular, owners of Diamond DA40 and DA42 aircraft will benefit from the upgrade to the Centurion 2.0 with an identical weight as the 1.7, as upgrading will allow them to avoid expensive revisions of the airframe as a result of a considerably higher engine weight.

As a consistent technological development compared to the 1.7 the Centurion 2.0 represents considerable advantages as all practical experience from the predecessor engine was integrated into the development of the 2.0. The engine lifetime of 1,500 hours is 50 percent longer than that of the 1.7 and the lifetime of certain components, such as the clutch, features an even greater increase. Each newly manufactured Centurion 2.0 is accompanied by a voucher for the free supply of a replacement clutch and gearbox at 300 hours, as long as these components are not yet approved for 600 hours. The upgrade program is now valid until the end of August for retrofitting 1.7 engines to Centurion 2.0. Currently, delivery within four weeks is guaranteed for 2.0 upgrade kit orders. In addition, Centurion Aircraft Engines will reimburse € 7.50 for each unused flight hour up to the 1,000th hour via the service center placing the order (up to €1,500 total reimbursement). The reimbursement will be issued after the removed Centurion 1.7 has been returned to Centurion Aircraft Engines. The upgrade itself is a simple matter from the technical point of view, similar to the replacement of a Centurion 1.7 engine with a new 1.7 at the end of the lifetime.

For more than one year, Centurion Aircraft Engines AG & Co. KG, based in Saxony, Germany, has been the exclusive sales company for Centurion engines and spare parts. The company and its sales partners are currently performing a road show, including the presentation of a Cessna 172 with a 155 hp Centurion 2.0s engine. Following the trade fair in Cannes in the first week of June and subsequent demo flights in Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland, the aircraft will be presented at the Aero Expo in Wycombe, UK, at the last weekend in June.

The development department is currently working all out to achieve a type certificate for the 155 hp Centurion 2.0s in the Robin DR400 Ecoflyer 2.0s and the Diamond DA40.


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