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April 21, 2005
350 bhp for CENTURION 4.0

  Lichtenstein - The 310 bhp CENTURION 4.0 of Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH (TAE) has been certified according to EASA requirements since October 2004. February witnessed the engine’s maiden flight in the TT62 from High Performance Aircraft GmbH in Usedom.

Now TAE is presenting the more powerful version of the CENTURION 4.0, boasting 350 bhp. Certification for this engine is expected in just under a year. High demand from the market brought about the decision to initiate the development. This diesel engine is thus at the top of the performance range for aircraft piston engines in general aviation.

The increased power has been achieved by TAE by means of higher compression ratios, piezo fuel injection and modifications to the design of the turbocharger.

Additionally TAE starts a program for small OEM to install the engine in their fuselages. This program includes a prototype engine as well as engineering support. Please contact us via the form in the "contact" section.


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