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The information contained in these press releases and statements was accurate, in all material respects, at the time of issuance. However, Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH assumes no obligation to update the information to reflect subsequent developments.

Dec 19, 2005
Review: Thielert 2005

  Hamburg – Thielert Aktiengesellschaft saw a number of highlights in the year 2005. Sales of the core product, the Centurion 1.7 jet fuel/kerosene piston aircraft engine for general aviation, continued to be very strong. This trend has been pushed by the Initial Public Offering of Thielert AG and the extension of the service network. Since the maiden flight of a Thielert aircraft engine five years ago the company was able to enter the market with a large number of aviation certifications. Thielert achieved no fewer than 110 further international certifications for various aircraft models. The company has successfully concluded long lasting negotiations with an international defence technology customer.

Sales of aircraft engines continued to be very strong in 2005, as in previous years. One of Thielert’s customers, Diamond Aircraft Industries, accounted for a particularly large proportion of these sales; this customer is now successfully operating in China as well with their DA40 and DA42 aircraft, and Thielert’s CENTURION engines, and has announced their entry into the US market for January 2006.

The popularity of Thielert’s retrofit kits that are developed for Cessna and Piper aircraft increases constantly. In order to service other markets with additional models, Thielert has also been successfully awarded with no fewer than 110 further international certifications for various aircraft models. Especially worth to mention are the additional supplemental type certifications, which mean that almost the entire Cessna 172 product range is now covered. In addition, the Robin DR 400 was approved by the EASA. Certifications are expected in the near future for the Centurion installation in Piper PA28-140 and the PA28-150. Then most of the Cherokee, Warrior and Cadet fleet will be covered as well.

Extension of the service network

Thielert is steadily extending the international service network for their CENTURION engines. New service technicians were also trained in 2005 at the plant in Lichtenstein in Saxony. Certified by Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH, the new service technicians are now authorised to carry out servicing and maintenance work on CENTURION engines. A total of 134 trainees qualified this year. Now that nine further Service Centres have been integrated into the network since September, there are 82 Service Centres, most of them in Europe. At Diamond in Canada, training for further operations in the USA will begin in January.

5 Years’ Anniversary

In the summer Thielert celebrated the first five years of production in Lichtenstein, Saxony. The 9th of September 2005 was the fifth anniversary of the first flight by a Thielert piston aircraft engine: it was on this day in 2000 that Valentin Taifun took off from the airfield Altenburg, equipped for the first time with the prototype engine TAE 110. As the world’s first jet fuel piston engine, the TAE 110 was awarded with a type certification by the German Federal Aviation Authority in March 2001. The TAE 110 gave rise to the present serially produced engine CENTURION 1.7, which in recent years has gone from strength to strength to become the world’s most successful jet fuel aircraft engine. To date it has run accumulated for over 75,000 flight hours.

New momentum through the initial public offering of Thielert AG

Since 17 November 2005 the Thielert Aktiengesellschaft has been quoted on the Prime Standard market segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The issue price of the share was 13.50 EUR. Since then, the share has gone up, due to great demand, to close at 14.34 EUR (Xetra) on 16 December 2005.

The flotation has been received very positively among Thielert’s international OEM customers in general aviation, and by the steadily increasing number of defence technology customers. Additionally, the company has successfully concluded long lasting negotiations with an international defence technology customer. Thielert has also agreed on further development orders, so that the company can continue to build up its development department.


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